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Mya Diannara Gold

General Information
Gender: Female
Born: April 30, 1997 (Ohio, USA)
Hair Color: Blonde (paint : pink, red, blonde)
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'6" (167 cm)
Address: Rainbow Town , sector 1
Occupation(s): Hollywood Actress
Student at James Wallington High School 
The New Maroon member
Aliases: Babe, Honey, Golden Girl
, Bad girl (Alex) 
(Mother, Father, Peter) 
MG, honey bunny, the sexiest girl I've ever met, My Baby Mama (Peter)
Family & Friends
Family: John Gold (father)
Sarah Gold (mother)
Brittany Wallington (daughter)
Relationships: Peter Wallington (boyfriend; father of her child; former crush)
Alex Adams (ex-boyfriend; prom date)
Enemies: Alex Adams (seasons 1finale - 2)
Peter Wallington (possibly former)
The Ari's gang (formerly, before she joined it) 
Other Information
Interests: Acting
Clique: The New Maroon 
Maroon Cheer
Education: Greenwood Elementary School (former)
James Wallington High School (current)
Talent: Bullying
Strengths: Popularity
Weaknesses: Body Image
Popularity Addiction
Series Information
First appearance: Pilot
Portrayer: Dianna Agron

Mya Diannara Gold, commonly known as Mya Gold, was a main character on LOVE Novel Series , up until the mid of Season 1 but then become a main character in Season 2 . Her father originally come from Russia and her mother come from America. She is a student on James Wallington High School and a captain of JWHS' cheerleader squad, called The Maroon Cheer . Mya was dating Alex Adams at the start of the series, though it is revealed that she lost her virginity with Peter Wallington  after he got her drunk on wine coolers. She became pregnant with his child, Brittany .

Mya was happy after giving birth to her lovely baby girl Brittany in early Season One, but she gives up for adoption but then take her back and raised her with Peter. She was introduced as one of the main protagonists, but through the season Mya changed her attitude. Sarah Zack was competing with Mya to win Alex's heart, but when he discovers that Peter is still with Mya, he left her and started dating Sarah Zack. Her mean attitude started to grow up again when she realizes that Melissa Cruise loves Alex. She is currently dating Peter Wallington.

Mya Diannara Gold is portrayed by actress, Dianna Agron .



Mya Gold crying in her car after founds out that she is pregnant.

When first introduced, Mya was the kind girl. Popular, beautiful, and a complete cool, and was admired by every single boy in the school (not to mention everyone else). Then after the brake up with her first boyfriend since elementary school, Alex Adams because of having a one-night stand with Peter Wallington, she become so mean, then she change to her old Mya, the evil Gold.